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Magic Bullet Blender Mini Review

Magic Bullet Blender Mini Review

You have a small kitchen and frequent guests, then it’s for you! It is small, compact and fast.

The food processor Magic Bullet performs the 6 most important and necessary operations for cooking: cuts, grinds, mixes, rubs, prepares mashed potatoes and even grinds grain!

It is so easy to use and convenient that buying this harvester, you will be surprised how previously did without it. You will enjoy it every day! And he will save your time, as he does any work for 10 seconds and even faster. 

Complete set of the Magic Bullet

Two special Magic Bullet bowls, in which you can cook, mix and store food in the refrigerator. It is possible to wash in the dishwasher (only the top part) and put with a microwave.
Special high Magic Bullet bowls, ideal for mixing cocktails. Drinks in them can not only be cooked, but also served. They are supplied with multi-colored rings on the covers for convenience, so that you can determine in which cup the desired drink is located. These cups can not be placed in a microwave oven.
Two sharp blades Magic Bullet made of high-strength steel, designed for cutting and shredding products in a food processor.
The Magic Bullet’s cross blade is used for:

  • Slicing – products, (onions, garlic and carrots, etc., for making sauces)
  • Grinding – (ice for mashed potatoes, soft cocktails and milkshakes)
  • Mixing – (dough, weight of medium viscosity)
  • Grater – (hard and soft varieties of cheeses, chocolate, etc.)
  • Preparation of puree – (mashed potatoes, soups, food for the child)
  • Mixing ice and frozen fruit
  • Meat grinding

A straight flat blade is used for:

Grinding and cutting of solid single ingredients (coffee beans, nuts, cinnamon sticks, dried fruits) or whipping (homemade whipped cream, cream cheese cakes, butter)

Both blades can be washed in the dishwasher.

Blender Magic Bullet – nozzle for making liquid dough, omelettes and much more. The power of the blender is not inferior to traditional blenders and the place takes no more than a coffee pot.
The convenient Magic Bullet cover has two holes, one for filtration and one for pouring out and allows you to add ingredients during operation, which helps to avoid dirt in the kitchen.
Juicer Magic Bullet. With the help of the Magic Bullet juicer, making delicious, vitamin-rich fresh juice from oranges or pineapples, or an energy cocktail is very simple!
Nozzles for shaker / steamer. To “Magic Bullet” are attached two convenient nozzles for the shaker / steamer, which are used for the regulation of steam in a microwave oven or as a nozzle for a shaker. Nozzles with large holes for solid products, such as parmesan cheese, as well as for fine grinding spices, such as cinnamon or nutmeg.
A book with delicious and original recipes, with which you quickly and simply prepare delicious and fragrant cold and hot dishes.


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