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Keurig K15 Review | Is it the Best Budget Keurig?

Keurig K15 Review | Is it the Best Budget Keurig?

Have you been looking for a small and personal single serve coffee maker?

One of Keurig’s bestselling coffee makers, the K15, could be the answer to your question. Despite its innovativeness, K15 coffee brewer is one of the most affordable models in the market.

Keurig K15 Review | Is it the Best Budget Keurig?

Besides coffee, the device brews hot cocoa, tea, specialty, as well as iced beverages. Put another way, any drink made in a standard K-Cup is compatible with the Keurig K15 mini brewer.

But which features make this best budget Keurig maker the delight of coffee lovers? Why is it a top choice for you if you are operating on a fixed budget? This Keurig K15 review will try to answer these questions to give you the confidence you need to make the purchase.

Features of the Keurig K15

Brew Time:

This brewer works relatively fast. I have read many customer reviews. What comes out is that the coffee maker brews coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other compatible beverages in less than two minutes. It is as fast as many of the larger, costlier brewers made by Keurig.

The K15 is designed to heat water as needed because it lacks a reservoir. This may mean you wait a little bit more to sip your favorite beverage. However, the wait does not increase the brew time by any significant amount. Furthermore, you enjoy the convenience of portability due to the absence of a reservoir.

Compact Size:

Keurig used high levels of ingenuity to construct a space saver coffee maker. It makes just a single cup at a time because of its slimmed-down design. The small build means high levels of portability and space savings.

It can fit into tight places in your kitchen counter and elsewhere you’d like to make just one cup of coffee or other favorite beverage. The compact size means you can even use it on the go without attracting much attention.

Besides your kitchen counter, you can use the appliance in your office, your dorm room or even in your Recreational Vehicle. It is possible that Keurig K15 is the most portable coffee maker in the market today.

The brewer can make beverages in cups of 6, 8 and 12 oz. But if you prefer a bolder brew, stick with the 6 cup size. The coffee maker measures 10.8 inches high by 6.9 inches wide by 10.7 inches deep. It weighs a paltry 1 pound.

Removable Drip Tray:

Although small in design, this brewing system has a removable drip tray. The tray can hold a full accidentally brew to make cleaning a breeze. The tray is also large enough to accommodate travel mugs up to 5.2 inches in height. This means you have the flexibility to use taller coffee cups if it pleases you to do so.

Turns Off Automatically:

The appliance is not only affordable but also reduces your energy consumption. This would tremendously reduce your expenditure on electricity bills. It goes off automatically once you are done brewing your beverage. Alternatively, it goes to the idle mode to save energy.

If you failed to switch the device off unknowingly after use, it would automatically shut off after ninety seconds. The result of these features is lower energy costs in the long run.

Other Great Features:

The features I have discussed so far are the strong points of the Keurig K15. Nevertheless, there are many other great features you’ll appreciate when you get the opportunity to use the coffee making machine.

One such feature is the compatibility of the K15 with Keurig Classic Series My K-Cup reusable coffee filter. This feature offers you the opportunity to brew any variety of coffee in the brewing system. So, if you do not prefer beverages available in K-Cup pods you can make your own using the filter.

Another excellent feature is the indicator lights. These lights will conveniently guide you through the process of making your coffee.

You may also like the various color options from which you can make your choice. The coffee machine is available in black, true blue, chili red, greenery, platinum, jade, and plum colors. Make a choice that will complement your kitchen décor.

Keurig K15 mini

Pros of the Keurig K15

  • Compact, durable and reliable
  • Versatile in terms of the range of beverages it can make
  • Small and personal design for portability and use in limited spaces
  • A wide range of compatibility (with K-Cup pods and Classic Series My K-Cup reusable filter)
  • One of the most budget-friendly coffee makers in the market
  • Effortless to clean and maintain

Cons of the Keurig K15

  • A single serving is an advantage only if you are alone
  • Lack of water reservoir may increase brewing time
  • Selecting your brew strength may be a challenge

Wrapping It Up

As you have seen from this Keurig K15 review, enjoying your favorite beverage anywhere is not a dream anymore. Even more beautiful is that you do not have to spend lots of money like you would if you were to buy larger models. You’ll love the compact size of the K15, its performance, ease of use and versatility. The decision to buy this product could be the best you’ve made so far if you are a coffee aficionado.

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