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How to Choose Vacuum Cleaner for Berber Carpet

How to Choose Vacuum Cleaner for Berber Carpet

Berber carpet attracts many people with its appearance and comfortable use. However, this type of flooring requires special care. First of all, berber carpet owners pay attention to cleaning and care products. Do not do here without a suitable vacuum cleaner. It is this device that can cope with dust, small debris and pet hair.

What kind of vacuum cleaner is needed for berber carpet

sun-joe-washing-vacuum-cleanerBerber carpet cleaning can be both dry and wet. At home, the first option is often preferable. It is produced using a standard vacuum cleaner, which provides a very successful result and does not take much time. Whether it’s a layer of dust or small specks, a good device can handle it.

For such cleaning, a classic vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning is suitable. It can be a model with a bag or a more modern version with a container. The main thing is that the device should be equipped with special nozzles for cleaning the berber carpet and have good power. In addition, given the variety in this line of vacuum cleaners, you can pay attention to additional characteristics that will help make the right choice.

Washing vacuum cleaner – Design Features

Consider how these diligent craftsmen are arranged. The unit is a combination of two containers. The first is added water with a special powder. Under pressure, the liquid is sprayed on the surface, and then, together with particles of debris and dust, is sucked into the second tank.

Washing vacuum cleaners differ in the type of construction:

  1. The first, not the most convenient type of construction is presented in the form of tanks located one above the other. Draining dirty water causes some difficulties, since each time you have to remove the lid and the upper tank.
  2. A more successful way of the device with tanks placed one in the other. Simply remove the lid and release the overfilled container.
  3. The removable tank for used water is especially easy to use. Due to the ease of removal of the container, this type has proven itself.
  4. Recovery tank. The spent liquid is filtered, then reused. It is not necessary to change the water during wet cleaning. A smart device can handle this.
  5. In general, the devices are quite noisy. The noise level depends on the position of the containers and the motor in the device. Silent models tend to cost more. Give preference to well-known manufacturers in order to guarantee a quality product.

Important things

Hardy craftsmen help out in a wide variety of situations. However, some disadvantages are also inherent in them. Denote the main positive and negative points:

Cons of washing vacuums:

  • Washing berber carpets with a natural base is strictly prohibited. This will lead to an unpleasant odor, the only salvation from which will be drying in the street.
  • The device is very demanding in care. Rinse the tanks thoroughly after use and wipe them dry. Dirty water left in the tank will cause a musty odor.
  • Size and weight. The more spacious the room, the larger the volume of tanks at the machine should be, which means that the dimensions and mass of the unit itself will increase.
  • High price compared to conventional vacuum cleaners.

Pros of washing vacuums:

  • Easily copes with the dirt of synthetic products.
  • Dry cleaning function for surface pre-treatment.

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