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Affordable Home Design Ideas by La-Z Boy Furniture

Affordable Home Design Ideas by La-Z Boy Furniture

‘Home is one’s castle’, today this popular saying applies to both man and woman alike. Hectic lifestyles are leading to fewer hours spent at home, which means that you need to focus more on how your home looks and feels to you and other members who stay there.

According to popular belief designing and redesigning a home can be expensive, but for the industrious and enthusiastic, there are many great ways to beautify the place with affordable home designs.

Few Effective Home Design Ideas

Color Schemes

A very visible part of your home is the paint on the walls. You can change the color schemes to give a different look instantly. You can even do the task yourself. You can get the required material and tools from reputed hardware stores that will also help you pick the best option for your wall type. Ask them for useful advice and tips on how to manage the painting assignment.


Furniture, appliances, artifacts, sculptures all contribute to the design. Change their placement and combination to give a whole new look to your rooms. If you want to, bring in a few new ones to add some spice. A popular example in a small indoor water fountain.



An affordable home design option is plants. A lot of homes have a garden in the front lawn or in the backyard. But including small pots and flowers inside your home gives it a natural look.

Light Fixtures

From the color (multi-colored, white, yellow) to the type of lights (bulbs, tubes and lamps), small changes can illuminate a different part of your home giving it a novel look.

Drapes and Upholstery

You can change the patterns and fabric of your curtains, the shades of your sheets and sofa covers to add that difference in a particular room or throughout your home. Mix and match items from different rooms to get new styles without having to buy new ones every time.



Rugs, mats and throws are seen in every home. Some like them classically solid, while others prefer bold designs. Given the wide variety of options available, making changes isn’t necessarily an expensive affair.


Cabinets, counters and sinks can all add to the beauty of the cooking area. While some layouts are more efficient than others, depending on your needs you can modify the layout to give a whole new look.

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