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When choosing a refrigerator, everyone wants it to serve for a long time, not break, and work silently, while having a low cost. This can be said the main criteria by which to search for a suitable model. In addition, it is important that the purchased unit matches the color of the interior, is economical and comfortable to use. If you manage to find a model that meets these requirements, then you are really good at analyzing the parameters and the best models.

1. Size and volume of the refrigerator

Want to choose a quality fridge? Adhere to 6 criteria for choosing a unit to decide on which refrigerator to choose.

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a refrigerator is its size:

  • small (height up to 1 meter or 1-1.5 meters, width less than 59 cm) are convenient for giving, a hotel or an office;
  • refrigerators mini-bars (height 1-1.5 meters, width up to 59 cm) are used to store beverages and fruits;
  • standard (height 1.71-1.85, width 60 cm) – the most common models for small or medium kitchens;
  • European standard (1.86-2 meters, width 60-80 cm).

The kitchen unit is different in terms of placement:

  • built-in fridge mounted in kitchen furniture;
  • freestanding is placed in a suitable place.

2. Location of freezers

The second parameter that is worth paying attention to is the location of the freezers and their volume. In refrigerators with the same dimensions, the volume of the freezer differs depending on its location:

  • in the lower part of the refrigerator (called “combi”) the volume of the freezer reaches up to 300 liters. Often the camera is equipped with 2-4 drawers (depending on the model);
  • in the upper part of the refrigerator (called “top”) the volume of the chamber is up to 200 liters;
  • in the side-by-side freezer compartment is located on the side with a volume of up to 500 liters.

3. The system defrost the refrigerator

Common defrost types:

  • drip system – during operation of the compressor, ice is formed on the rear wall of the unit. When the compressor stops, they melt. Drops flow into a special tank and evaporate;
  • “No Frost” technology prevents the formation of frost and creates a dry microclimate. Built-in fans evenly distribute the air in the freezer and refrigeration chambers. Some models are equipped with zones of freshness (zero zones), where it is maintained up to 90% humidity. Products stored in this compartment do not dry out and remain fresh 1.5 times longer;
  • the system “Full no Frost“, in contrast to the “No Frost” has a separate system of defrosting the evaporator. The principle of defrosting type is the same as that of the previous technology.

5. Noise level

Do not believe advertising tricks about reduced noise in the refrigerator. According to the technological standard, this level does not exceed 45 dB, which is comparable to the noise of the leaves in windy weather. Noise, reduced by producers by several points, does not play a significant role, but affects the price. Better pay attention to the warranty period of the model you like – the more it is, the better.

6. Additional features

Although the principle of operation of a domestic refrigerator, since its invention, has not changed much, a number of innovations have appeared in modern models for comfortable everyday use:

  • Supercooling mode of the refrigerator compartment is convenient if you need to load warm foods (especially in summer) or quickly cool a bottle of wine or juice. This function cools products to an optimum temperature of + 2 ° C;
  • Super freeze mode of the freezer compartment is convenient for quick freezing (up to -24 ° C) a large number of products without loss of taste;
  • Holiday mode reduces power consumption when you are away from home for a long time. The freezer compartment operates normally, and a minimum of energy is spent on cooling the empty refrigeration compartment.

That’s all I wanted to tell you about how to choose a refrigerator. If your refrigerator is out of order – It is important to entrust all maintenance and repair work to the service center specialists.

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