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Vacuum cleaner is one of the most important home helpers that helps to maintain cleanliness in the home and keeps up with the times. In recent years, it has become a multifunctional unit, with which you can wash various surfaces, collect spilled water, and clean clogged drains. How to choose the best assistant to combat dust and pollution – we will tell in our material.

Vacuum cleaner suction power

In the passports of the device you can see two capacities:

  • Power consumption indicator (reports how many kilowatts the device spends).
  • Indicator of suction power (reflects the force with which the apparatus draws in dust).

The quality of cleaning the surface depends on the “diligence” with which the vacuum cleaner picks up trash. There are maximum and average suction power – both are measured in aerowatts.

If after the first 5 minutes of cleaning it became noticeable that the vacuum cleaner pulls weaker – no need to worry. This is not a breakdown, but a feature of these devices: the first five minutes, any vacuum cleaner works at full capacity, and in the sixth minute there is a decrease in thrust – the power has switched to an average value. That is why it is recommended to start work from the most difficult part of the carpet. To choose a suitable vacuum cleaner, you need to focus on the average value, because cleaning takes more than five minutes.

Remember! When the bag is filled, even the average amount of dust pulling force decreases.

Determine how much power is best, help the type of floor. For smooth floors, 250 watts are enough. A vacuum cleaner with such an indicator will cope with carpet paths. The variant with a value from 350 aero watt quickly “gets rid” of pet’s hair, removes debris on carpets with a thick pile.

Some devices are supplied with a regulator. Owners of such vacuum cleaners can control power depending on the floor covering. For example, for a smooth floor, you can set the minimum value, and for long-cleared areas – to increase the number of aerowatts.

Filtering options

To understand which filter is better, it is necessary to consider its type. All filters that are placed in vacuum cleaners are divided into three main categories. Their types and features are noted in the table.

Filtration elements of fine cleaning, in turn, are of three types:

  • Electrostatic. These are microfilters, which are found in inexpensive vacuum cleaners. Delay dust particles larger than 0.3 micron. If this option is installed in a bag vacuum cleaner, then the filter should be changed when the dust collector is filled 5 times.
  • S-class. Such filters prevent dust (particle size — 0.3 micron) from entering the air again. They serve at least a year.
  • Hepa. They are considered the most effective due to the material with very small pores. Able to trap particles smaller than 0.06 micron. These filters are replaceable (for example, for Rowenta ZR902501) and “eternal”. The first “live” for about a year (about 50 hours of operation of the vacuum cleaner), the second – wash in running water. Such filters “live” while the vacuum cleaner is “alive”.


Vacuum cleaner noise level

The volume of a working vacuum cleaner is calculated at the factory where it is produced. The equipment is connected to the network, the instrument-meter with a microphone is placed about half a meter further. The process is repeated several times: the power is equal to the maximum.

In general, the noise level of modern vacuum cleaners ranges from 54 to 85 dB. These parameters manufacturers indicate in the passports of devices. To choose the appropriate option, you need to know that indicators above 65 dB are considered the least comfortable. For families with small children, models with a value of up to 65 dB are suitable. For example, Miele Scout RX1 does not disturb the sleep of a child.

Pay close attention to whether the wheels of the model you like are rubberized. Such wheels certainly won’t scratch the floor or expensive laminate.

Choose a model with a sufficiently long cord – this increases the maneuverability of the vacuum cleaner. The minimum comfortable cord length is 5 meters, but it is better if it reaches 8 meters. So that the cord does not fall under your feet during cleaning, it is better to remove the excess part into the case of the vacuum cleaner. For this, the device must be equipped with an automatic cord winder.

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